Deli Ordering Instructions

- Select the sandwich you would like to order (or make your own) and add on your drink and/or chips. 

- You will have options to remove condiments, sauces, etc., but please only "add" sauces, condiments, etc., if it is not already on the "base" sandwich.

-For example, when you select Dirty Bird, it is assumed you want it with everything that it comes with on the menu. There is no need to then "add" chips - because it already comes with chips! Please be careful of this. If you add condiments, cheese, certain sauces, your sandwich price will increase.

-As another example, if you want a Dirty Bird with bacon, please add bacon, as that is not on the menu for a Dirty Bird. 

-However, if you do not want chips, you can select "no chips" and your price will adjust.   

- You will pay online and get an estimate of when your sandwich will be ready. If you order multiple sandwiches (3 or more), please give us added time.

- When you get to our store, pull around back and call 203-227-2066 and give us your name and order number, which can be found at the top of your online receipt. 

- For technical difficulties or questions, please email [email protected].

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