8/5/2020 UPDATE: Due to Isaias, we are running on generator power. We cannot do curbside pick up or delivery unfortunately. We are OPEN for business, though, from 7-7 everyday. We are accepting cash and credit cards. Come on in!!!

Grocery and deli sandwich online orders are separate. Grocery orders are ready same day if order by 1pm or next morning if order after that, and deli orders are ready in ~30 minutes, depending on size of order.

GROCERy ordering: Please read

We recommend copying and pasting your order into a word doc so that you don't lose your list in the event of an error. If you do receive an error, you can then email your list directly to us at petersmarketweston@gmail.com and let us know that you had tried to place an order via the form, but that it didn't work. We will then start working on your order! 

Please read for lunch orders: 

- Select the sandwich you would like to order (or make your own) and add on your drink and/or chips. 

- You will have options to remove condiments, sauces, etc., but please only "add" sauces, condiments, etc., if it is not already on the "base" sandwich.

-For example, when you select Dirty Bird, it is assumed you want it with everything that it comes with on the menu. There is no need to then "add" chips - because it already comes with chips! Please be careful of this. If you add condiments, cheese, certain sauces, your sandwich price will increase.

-As another example, if you want a Dirty Bird with bacon, please add bacon, as that is not on the menu for a Dirty Bird. 

-However, if you do not want chips, you can select "no chips" and your price will adjust.   

- You will pay online and get an estimate of when your sandwich will be ready. If you order multiple sandwiches (3 or more), please give us added time.

- When you get to our store, pull around back and call 203-227-2066 and give us your name and order number, which can be found at the top of your online receipt. 

- For technical difficulties or questions, please email petersmarketweston@gmail.com.

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